Thursday, May 28, 2009

Underwater Fish ACEO

OK, I realize that saying this fish is underwater is probably silly, but oh well.

The fish and bubbles are cut from my favorite origami paper.

The background on this card is fantastic -- it's made by crinkling up the paper, dampening it, and then layering watercolor paints on top. The creases and crinkles in the paper cause the paint to flow into all the little trenches and make wonderful patterns all on its own.

The background makes me think of water plants waving around gently in the water. What do you see?

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Amanda Dagg said...

Hi Karen, I love the texture you've created in this artwork :)

Karen Koch said...

Thanks, Amanda! I love really interesting textures -- and contrasts between different them. -- Karen

MagicMarkingsArt said...

The colors and textures in this aceo are fabulous. Really like the vivid colors.

PS: I found your blog through creative everyday.

Karen Koch said...

Thanks, MagicMarkingsArt! Don't you just love Creative Everyday? I'm off to check out your blog...