Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Gone fishin’ !

Apparently being stuck in the house with a broken leg on a holiday weekend has a silver lining.

Since I couldn’t cut the lawn or pull the weeds or clean the gutters, I made ACEOs. I’m still enchanted with the origami paper that I’ve been using lately and wanted to try some new shapes.

I’ve done snowflakes; I’ve done flowers. What next?

Hanging in my sunroom is a mobile made of little wooden fish that someone brought me as a souvenir from a tropical vacation many years ago. Lots of brightly colored stylized fish in different sizes. Very cheerful. I just love it.

Fish…how about fish? Ok, fish it is. I did some serious (ok, fun) "fishing" and I have a whole school of fish to show you over the next couple weeks.

Oh, and a few other ACEOs yet to come. Stay tuned.

All ACEOS will be available in my Etsy shop. Here's the first, Two Little Fishies in the Deep Blue Sea:



Kathleen said...

Aw - hope your broken leg gets better very fast!

Love the fishes - great colors!

Karen Koch said...

Thanks, Kathleen! The leg is much better. Check out today's fishy!