Sunday, December 28, 2008

Here Fishy, Fishy, Fishy

Here are 3 little fish ACEOs for you today:

Red Coral Zig Zag Fish ACEO (SOLD)

Purple Tropical Fish ACEO

Blue Fish ACEO

They are all collages. The fish were made by painting and drawing on a variety of paper. I then cut out the fish shapes and glued them on ACEO-sized cards.

The top one (the red fish with the zig zag design) was made by gluing together strips of paper and then painting over them. I made the backing card by weaving together strips of specialty papers that have wonderful bits of fiber and plant material embedded in them.

The purple fish in the middle has these great gold stripes that give it an exotic feel.

The blue fishy has wonderful watery washes of acrylic over printed scrapbooking paper. I drew the fun branch and box design with sepia ink. The left edge of the card has a ragged deckle edge that adds to the fluttery feel of his tail.

All are for sale in my Etsy shop:


Anonymous said...

etsy greetings!

Karen Koch said...

Thanks for stopping by, Elinor!

suzanne.artist said...

I just read your former post-people actually create 1"x1" are? How do they do it!

I like your collage work!

Karen Koch said...

Hi Suzanne, glad you like the collages! I'm working on more today. Yes, people actually create tiny 1x1" art. Don't know how they do it; it's truly a marvel. You might check out or