Sunday, November 16, 2008

Single White Snowflake

Since it started snowing today, this is a fitting ACEO. It's done with acrylics applied in very thin washes on wet watercolor paper to make the background. Then, a large snowflake cut out of wrapping paper printed with little gold stars. (Just like the kind you used to do when you were a kid.)

Overall, a wintry yet cheerful tone.

I'm working on a series of these cards. Check back later for more.

Nov. 28 note: I'm especially fond of this ACEO, so I've had it printed on greeting cards that I am using for my Christmas card this year.


Vero said...

oh, this one is really beautiful! It is peaceful and magic. It gives me a sense of serenity. Lovely :)

Karen Koch said...

Thanks very much! I'm working on a series of these snowflakes and will post more soon.

Vero said...

great, I will check them for sure! :)

Vero said...

ah, feel free to visit my blog whenever you want. I would appreciate your opinions and feedback anytime :)

Thanks so much :D

Vero said...

thanks for the visit and the wonderful comment :)