Tuesday, November 18, 2008

One Purple Snowflake

In much the same theme as the last ACEO, but this time the snowflake is cut from a piece of lavendar-purple handmade paper. (No, I didn't make it. I bought a package of handmade papers.) The paper has these lovely thin threads running through it, and you can see them in the snowflake. Made for an interesting time trying to fold and cut them. :)

The background is acrylics thinned with lots of water and dropped in layers onto wet watercolor paper, giving it that soft blended appearance.

NOTE: One of the snowflake series cards will go to the Strathmore ATC swap.

If you haven't sent in your card, there's still time. It sounds like fun, so join in. Postmark deadline is Nov. 26 -- next Wednesday. Get the rules and entry form at:

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