Thursday, July 23, 2009


It's been a busy month! Not only am I working on my Artomat order, but I've joined an ACEO swap, called ACEO-X (ACEO exchange, get it?).

Amanda from Ulixis Crafts is hosting the swap. We each make an ACEO and send it off to a partner that she has assigned to us. We know who we're making an ACEO for, but not who is sending one to us. Very cool!

Here are the details on her blog:

My entry, since I'm in an Artomat frame of mind, is an ACEO that I've made in the style of my Artomat paintings. It's made with acrylic paints on paper; the fishes are cut out of my favorite Miyabi Chiyogami origami paper.

I call it "Fishy Friends". What do you think?.


H20works said...

Very cool, Karen!!! I hope you got my name! ;)


Amanda said...

looks great Karen! i can't wait to show all the aceo's off. :D just waiting on a few more...

CAB Management said...

Cool info and site...thanks!

Mrs. Laughing Pants said...

I think it is cute. I love the colors.