Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bamboo Floral

A small pen drawing of a flower against a bamboo background.



Jucydesign said...

I like this one, drawings in black fine liners are my favourite to create, they stand out so well. I am just starting out with my blog and creating aceo's so if you have any tips or could come and check out my blog it would be much appreciated :)


Karen Koch said...

Thanks, Lucy! I've checked out your blog and it's terrific. Hope to see you around again soon. - Karen

Jamie Davies said...

So simple yet so beautiful :)

Ollie said...

that's very nice.
I used to do simple black line drawing a while back. I find them soothing to do and look at.

Karen Koch said...

Oliver, Jamie - thanks so much! I'm glad you stopped by.

I'm trying to work on simplifying my images. I have a tendency to be too complicated and the drawings end up messy. Making simple drawings is difficult for me. Practice, practice, right?

Ollie said...

nothing wrong with your work already.

I just like to simplify myself :D
if I may share : http://olivierlonguet.blogspot.com/2010/10/some-more-black-and-white-stuff.html

even by more colorful stuff is based on these very simple lines

hi from Ireland & have a nice weekend

Karen Koch said...

Thanks for the link to your site, Oliver! It's really great. I will be watching your work with interest. - Karen