Thursday, November 19, 2009

Zentangles, Anyone?

Is anybody doing Zentangles? I just ran across them in an issue of Cloth Paper Scissors magazine last weekend, tried one, and needless to say: I'm hooked!

Their web site does a wonderful job describing them:

To oversimplify the concept, Zentangles are made of lines and repetitive patterns put together in any way that pleases you. The process is meditative and contemplative, which I really enjoy. It's amazing -- regardless of how frazzled I may be when I start a Zentangle (and I've been super frazzled this week), after 15 minutes of doing this tiny drawing, I'm calm and focused. Lovely.

A classic Zentangle is 3 1/2 inches square. Since I have bazillions of spare ACEO blanks laying around, that's what I'm using. This one above is in pencil and I rather like the softness and shading in it. The upcoming ones will be ink.

If you're doing them, I'd love to see what you're doing.


Suzanne said...

Hi Karen,
I recently discovered Zentangling and, just like you, I'm hooked. I've posted a couple on my blog. It REALLY is fun and addictive.
Happy Tangling!

Karen Koch said...

Hi Suzanne,

Thanks for stopping by! I've looked around your blog and like your Zentangles, too. They are a lot of fun, aren't they!

See you around,